Gooey Smooch is a special edition Sticky Sweets Grossery from Series 1.


From the Sticky Sweets team, it's the sloppy candy that kisses like your granny!



Gooey Smooch is a slimy, wrapped Hershey's Kiss with a red ribbon tied on top of her head. She has wide, pink lips puckered as if she's about to give a kiss, and her cheeks are covered in several lipstick kisses, along with heavy blush.

In the webseries, she lacks her lipstick and kiss marks, and is colored in the pink color scheme that one of her figures has, rather than the silver color of her static art.

Collector Card

Gooey Smooch's collector card is Card 41 in the series. She is reaching towards the camera, with her tongue out and drool spittling onto her. She has the tagline of "Give Us a Kiss!" on the bottom.

Card 62 is a sticker card with the same image.


  • Gooey Smooch is similar to Choc Kiss, a Shopkin from Season 3.
  • She is the only female Grossery to consistently have eyelashes. Sticky Soda has eyelashes, but only in her webseries design, while Sour Pineapple only has them in her collector card design.
  • Her figures lack the kiss marks and blush that her static art has.
  • Her model in The Grossery Game lacks her eyelashes.





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