Goo S.B. Stick is a special edition Glowin' Gadgets Grossery from Series 2.




Goo S.B. Stick is a slimy USB stick. His plug is caked with slime, along with his mouth, which is in an open grin, with his buck teeth showing. He has crossed eyes, which point outwards.


  • Goo S.B. Stick's static art depicts him with wide open eyes, while his catalog art depicts him with squinted eyes.
  • His static art gives his blue variant green slime, while it is orange on his blue variant's catalog art and figure.



Glowin' Gadgets
Series 2
Shocking Light Bulb / Flat Battery / Sucky Speakers / Leaky Car Battery / MP Flea Player / Goo S.B. Stick / Filthy Fan / Smell Phone / Junk Jumper Lead / Trashed Tablet / Lame Laptop / Trashlight

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