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Ginger Dread Man is an ultra rare Untasty Treats Grossery from Series 2.




Ginger Dread Man is a stale, gone-off gingerbread man cookie. He has a visible right eye, while his left eye is covered by a splatter of frosting. He has a gumdrop nose, and three gumdrop buttons on his body, with a zigzag frown formed by frosting. His ankles and wrists are lined with frosting zigzags as well.


  • Ginger Dread Man's static art colors his buttons as three separate ones, while they are all the same color on his figure.
  • His static art and catalog art has his eye looking towards the right, while it is facing forwards in his figure.
  • He is the second Grossery to have limbs in his figure form, the first being Skummy Bear.
  • The figure that most resembles his static art has a yellow eye, while it is white on his static art.




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