[Start with The Loog approaching the group, snarling. He knocks over a hot dog roller. Cut to the Grosseries. Stinky is dragging in a chip canister, which has various trash thrown into it.]

Stinky: Right! Now bring in the splat cannon! This diaper of mass disgustion is loaded with sour creamers, moldy yogurt, and rotten cheese.

[Pan out to the group. Meathead is holding a lighter.]

Stinky: Meathead, fire at will!

Meathead: (Setting the lighter aflame and lighting the fuse.) Aye aye, your craziness.

[Cut to Stinky.]

Stinky: Remember, with great courage comes great sacrifice. We’re fighting for Yucky Mart’s freedom!

[Meathead stands on top of the cannon as the fuse shortens.]

Meathead: Listen, gross guard! Today we stand up for the Yucky Mart! We stand up for sticky, bug-filled floors, the sweet stink of the backed-up toilet pool, and the festering steaming ooze on the hot food tray! (Aside.) I mean, what is that stuff anyways?

[Pan out to the group.]

Rocky: Which is why we’re blowing up this Yucky Mart down on top of that snot gobbler! Even if it means we go down with it!

Stinky, Pizza Face, and Meathead: Yeah! Wait, what?

[Pizza Face and Fingers turn around. The Loog is right in front of them. Pizza Face jumps on top of the soapbox and blocks the cannon entrance.]

Pizza Face: I swear by my multiple toppings and four cheese blend I will not let that happen!

[Pizza Face looks between Rocky and Stinky, who don’t react.]

Pizza Face: Isn’t anyone gonna stop me?

Rocky: (Jumping off the soapbox.) Nope! (He and Fingers grab onto Pizza Face.) We accept your noble sacrifice! Now get to it!

[Rocky and Fingers throw Pizza Face on the ground, where he lands on his feet by The Loog, who still has the straw and lid stuck inside him.]

Pizza Face: I sneezed you into this world, it’s time to come home, Floofy! (He grabs the straw and lid out of The Loog and shoves it into his nostril, straining. He inhales through the straw and starts to suck The Loog up, as he screams.)

[Cut back to the others, reacting in disgust. Cut back to Pizza Face, the straw still lodged in his nostril, and now bloated from the amount of snot in him. A small amount of snot is still dripping from the straw, which he sniffs back up and sighs. Cut back to the others, cheering. The fuse is still running.]

Rocky: Yucky Mart is saved!

[Pizza Face waddles over to the group, still with the straw in his nose.]

Pizza Face: (Stopped-up.) That’s great! (Notices the fuse and reacts in shock.) But shouldn’t we stop the fuse?!

[Everyone turns to the fuse, as a gush of brown sludge explodes from it. Cut to the exterior of the Yucky Mart, where the sludge splatters through the vents and the Grosseries can be heard screaming. The sludge splatters onto the windows, sticking Fingers, Rocky, and Meathead onto them as they all react in disgust.]

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