[Start with Rocky, Pizza Face, Fingers, and Meathead cemented to the floor of the hot buffet with the snot dropped on top of them. The four of them attempt to pull themselves up, to no avail.]

Meathead: I think I speak for everyone when I say…EWW!

Pizza Face: (Straining.) Wow, turns out my snot is indestructible!

Rocky: I hate to be all doom and gloom, but how do we get unstuck?

Meathead: Maybe we can power up like real life slooperheroes!

Pizza Face: Maybe we can!

[Cut to various cut screens of silhouettes of Pizza Face making action poses. Cut to a pose of him in flames, and then cut to the four out of the snot, posing.]

Meathead and Rocky: Slooper putrid power!

[Cut to all four of them, stuck back in the snot, tired out.]

Rocky: I guess the world’s not ready for slooperheroes yet.

Meathead: (To the camera.) But they’re coming soon!

[Cut to The Loog, who is back to normal and roaring. Cut back to the group. Pizza Face, Rocky, and Meathead are facing the camera still, while Fingers is looking at The Loog and poking at Pizza Face in fear.]

Pizza Face: Fingers, stop poking me!

[The Loog’s shadow starts to cover the group, as Rocky and Meathead turn around and look in shock. Pizza Face turns around and gasps.]

Pizza Face: Uh…guys? IT’S ALIVE! (To the camera, annoyed.) Again.

[Pan out to The Loog, who is forming a hand from his stomach, as the four scream in fear.]

Meathead: I may be a takeout meal, but the gloop ain’t taking me out!

[Cut to Rocky drinking from a soda cup with a straw and lid. He belches as he finishes and then pries the lid and straw off of the cup.]

Rocky: And you ain’t getting a drink with this meal deal! Time to throw down Yucky Mart-style! En garde!

[Pan out to the group, as Rocky starts to use the straw like a foil.]

Pizza Face: How’s this supposed to free us?

Rocky: Like this! Ha!

[Rocky jams the straw into the hand The Loog is forming. Cut to The Loog, who screams in pain, lifting up his hand, which is now bright red. He moans in pain. Cut back to the group, where the snot is melting off of them.]

Pizza Face: Free! What do we do now?

[Cut back to The Loog, who pulls the straw out of his hand. He grows sharp teeth and his eyes glow red as he roars. Cut back to the group, who start to run off.]

All four: Run away!

[The group screeches to a halt by a soapbox, where Stinky is standing, wearing mirror shades, a general cap, and smoking a bubble pipe.]

Stinky: Where do you think you’re going, soldiers?

Pizza Face: Just fleeing the gigantic gloop monster that came from my nose.

Stinky: Oh, no you don’t! About face! Attention!

[Fingers, Pizza Face, Meathead, and Rocky fall in line, Meathead looks annoyed while the others look slightly confused.]

Stinky: You boys have been drafted in the Gross Guard Don’t Run Like Clean Cowards!

[Pan through the line.]

Stinky: (Offscreen.) We ain’t afraid to wade into the muck and get our hands and butts dirty!

[Pan out to all of them.]

Stinky: Maybe we get stomped a few times, but we stand up to slimeballs, I mean, snotballs like this! Who’s with me?

Meathead: Yes sir!

Pizza Face: Aye-aye, captain!

Rocky: Yeah, grand poohbah!

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