[Start with The Loog getting zapped by the bug zapper, causing him to grow larger and slide down the shelf.]

Meathead: (Offscreen.) No, no! It can’t be!

[Cut to Meathead, Fingers, Pizza Face, and Stinky shivering in fear.]

Rocky: (Popping in from the corner.) It’s alive!

[Cut back to The Loog slithering down the shelf and onto the floor.]

Pizza Face: (Offscreen.) That came from my nose?! (Cut to him, his eyes big and watery.) My little boogie’s growing up!

[Pan out farther. Stinky, Meathead, and Fingers run off.]

Meathead: Run!

[Pizza Face starts to run off as well. Cut to Rocky stacking up cans into a wall.]

Rocky: You guys run! I’d rather hide!

[Pizza Face and Meathead stop by the wall.]

Pizza Face: Sounds good! (Grabs Fingers as he runs by, stopping him.) I’ll give you a hand!

[Fingers rapidly puts the cans together into a wall, which Meathead ducks behind. Cut to behind the wall.]

Meathead: Nice! That’ll keep the gloop out!

[Cut to The Loog, who snarls, knocking over a chip canister and sliding over a cockroach, which he absorbs. He stops at the wall, knocking on it. Cut back to the other side of the wall.]

Pizza Face: You met your match, snotball!

[The cans starts to leak at the cracks, as The Loog snarls again.]

Meathead: Y’know, if I weren’t sick to my stomach, I’d be kind of impressed!

[The cans start to shake.]

Rocky: You be impressed! I’m gonna run!

[Rocky, Pizza Face, and Meathead run off. Fingers attempts to run, but his base is stuck in a wad of gum. The Loog starts to envelop him as he screams. Cut to Rocky, Meathead, and Pizza Face running on the hot buffet. The three of them stop and turn around, panting.]

Meathead: I think we lost him!

Pizza Face: (Pointing.) That’s snot all we lost!

[Cut to The Loog. Fingers is encased inside of him, along with a battery and a cockroach. The Loog continues to snarl as he moves towards the others.]

Rocky: (Offscreen.) The gloop is absorbing everything!

[Cut back to Meathead, Rocky, and Pizza Face, all three huddling together in fear.]

Meathead: Then we should fill it something to fill it up!

[Meathead runs off to another section of the hot buffet, with a tray filled with gravy.]

Meathead: Who’s up for a side of gravy?

[Meathead dives into the gravy tray. Cut back to Rocky and Pizza Face.]

Rocky and Pizza Face: We are!

[Rocky and Pizza Face dive into the gravy tray. The three of them swim off in it. The Loog, still snarling, crawls into the gravy tray, which he starts to absorb as he gets bigger. Cut to Rocky, Meathead, and Pizza Face on the other side of the gravy tray, jumping out of it.]

Pizza Face: It’s working!

Rocky: Gross. It really does look all the same in your stomach.

[Rocky, Pizza Face, and Meathead high-five each other.]

Meathead: That’ll teach ya to eat everything in sight, you mucus monkey!

[Cut to The Loog, now oversized. He burps and starts to spit out gravy. The trail of gravy spits onto Rocky, Meathead, and Pizza Face. Cut back to The Loog, who rears back up and starts to snarl again. Cut back to Rocky, Meathead, and Pizza Face, who scream and try to run, but slip in the gravy.]

Pizza Face: Guess that’s it for us, guys. It’s been gross hanging with you.

Rocky: Cut the gush! I’m not giving up!

Meathead: Well, I am.

[Pan back to The Loog. Ricardo is heard screaming a Tarzan yell offscreen, causing everyone to look around in confusion. Cut to Ricardo swinging on a rope in the air.]

Ricardo: It is I, Ricardo, world famous and devilishly handsome banana, swinging to save the day!

[Cut to The Loog, who looks on in fright. Ricardo slices through his head, which grows x-marks for pupils. Cut to Rocky, Pizza Face, and Meathead, still sitting. Ricardo lands next to them.]

Ricardo: Don’t bother to thank me, my stinky comrades, it’s what we bananas do.

[Rocky, Meathead, and Pizza Face scream, as snot drips down on the four of them. Fingers lands on Ricardo, launching him in the air and out of his peel. Cut to him pixelated at the bottom, as he covers his front.]

Ricardo: (Screaming.) This brave sacrifice was brought to you by a bare banana! Farewell!

[Cut to the open and overflowing garbage can, which Ricardo lands in with a thud, as the lid shuts on him.]

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