[Start outside the Yucky Mart. Screaming is heard inside. Cut to inside, as an intercom is seen.]

Doc Broc: (Through intercom.) Attention! This is a medical emergency! Please scream and panic and run in circles like maniacs! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

[Meathead runs out of a pile of cans, Surge holds up a sign with a meteor on it, and Ricardo and Stinky back up into each other in fear. Egghead pops up screaming. Rocky pops up next to him, holding a hand drill.]

Rocky: THIS is a drill! (Rimshot in the background.) That is all.

[Cut to Pizza Face backed up into a corner. Rocky, Meathead, and Ricardo surround him, all three wearing HAZMAT suits. Heavy breathing noises are heard. Pizza Face sneezes, splattering snot onto the three.]

Rocky: Time for a time out, Pizza Face!

Pizza Face: Please, not the dome! Anything but the dome!

Meathead: Sorry, we can't let ya go around spreadin' sprinkle pox!

[Rocky slides a spatula under Pizza Face.]

Rocky: That's why you gotta be quarantined!

[Rocky throws Pizza Face. Cut to Ricardo and Fingers. Fingers is wearing a covering and holding a domed lid, which he catches Pizza Face in, slamming him down.]

Ricardo: It's for the good of the store, my three-cheese friend.

[Rocky and Meathead walk up. Meathead sneezes, his eye covering splattering with snot, which a windshield wiper cleans off.]

Rocky: You're sick, too! Get 'em, Fingers!

[Fingers runs up, holding onto a lasso which he spirals around. Meathead runs off.]

Meathead: No, I'm fine! Really, I'm-- (Sneezes, the lasso ties around him as he tries to run off.) I'm fine!

[Meathead runs around, circling Rocky and Fingers.]

Rocky: Into the dome, panini breath!

[Meathead spirals around the two more, kicking over the dome and escaping the lasso as he and Pizza Face run off.]

Meathead: Come on, it's a prison break! It's us against the world!

Pizza Face: Way to go, Meathead!

[Meathead and Pizza Face skid to a stop, as Stinky stands in front of them.]

Stinky: Not so fast, sickos! 

Pizza Face: Step aside, Stinky! Don't make me snot you!

Stinky: (Laughs.) Try it!

Meathead: You asked for it!

[Meathead and Pizza Face hock back, splattering snot towards Stinky.]

Stinky: So did you!

[Stinky's eyes spiral green, as a blue gas spews out of his breath. The gas slashes through the snot, knocking Pizza Face and Meathead into the bug zapper, shocking the two of them and burning off Meathead's HAZMAT suit as the two writhe in pain and their skeletons flash. The two of them fall to the ground, scorch marks on them. Pizza Face is back to his normal color.]

Pizza Face: (Jumping up, no longer congested-sounding.) Hey, whaddya know, I'm better!

Meathead: (Standing up.) Me too! Everything's back to normal!

Rocky and Stinky: Oh, no it's snot!

[The area starts to shake. Cut back to the bug zapper, where a mound of snot is still on it. It slides off, gaining eyes, a mouth, and arms. It roars at the Grosseries. Cut back to the Grosseries.]

Pizza Face: It's disgusting!

Meathead: It's terrifying! It's...

Rocky, Stinky, Pizza Face, Meadhead, and Fingers: THE LOOG! (Scream.)

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