[Start with Pizza Face sitting on a box. Meathead and Rocky are on each side of him, with Doc Broc behind him, holding a reflex hammer. Doc Broc hits Pizza Face’s leg, as he kicks Meathead offscreen.]

Meathead: OW!

[Doc Broc hits Pizza Face’s other leg, making him kick Rocky offscreen.]

Rocky: HEY!

Doc Broc: Reflexes: normal.

[Cut to Doc Broc putting Pizza Face under the ticket scanner. The scanner shocks Pizza Face, showing his skeleton, with the shock travelling to Rocky and Meathead next to him, also showing their skeletons. Cut to the scanner result, showing a pixelated version of Pizza Face frowning with snot dripping down his nose. Cut to Doc Broc.]

Doc Broc: Cranial cavity reservoir: overflowing.

[Cut to Pizza Face running on a treadmill made of sausage and panting. He has diodes stuck to his chest, while Doc Broc studies a chart near him. Pizza Face sneezes, launching the diodes off of him and tangling them around Meathead, while he spirals on the treadmill belt. Rocky and Meathead are pulled into the treadmill, as all three scream. The treadmill breaks, sliding Pizza Face towards Doc Broc, who is looking at a chart.]

Pizza Face: What’s the diagnosis, Doc Broc?

Doc Broc: Just as I thought: you’re a sicko!

[Rocky and Fingers, who is wearing an ambulance headlight hat, lift Pizza Face onto a gurney and walk him off as Meathead follows. Rocky and Meathead make ambulance siren noises. Doc Broc waves them off happily, and then frowns.]

Doc Broc: Hey, who’s gonna pay my bill?!

[Cut to Pizza Face on the gurney.]

Pizza Face: Careful with my pepperoni, I like to stay nice and spicy! (Spits out snot.)

[Fingers and Rocky drop the gurney, as Pizza Face reacts in shocked pain.]

Rocky: Thanks, Fingers, you’re handy!

[Rocky and Fingers go through a complicated handshake, culminating in shaking hands for a long while, as the two angrily glare at each other. Pan to Meathead.]

Meathead: I’ve got the perfect home remedy from my dear old granny. She was a double-decker BLT. But first…

[Cut to the floor of the Yucky Mart. A boiling pot of a lava-like substance is above Pizza Face, who is strapped into a harness above it, looking nervous, as Rocky and Fingers are beside it. Meathead is holding onto a lever.]

Meathead: Bring on the hot sauce!

[Rocky and Fingers pour a bottle of hot sauce each into the container, sending flames spewing from it.]

Pizza Face: (Nervously.) Seriously, guys, I’m m-much better! You don’t have to—

[Pizza Face is dunked into the container, and then pulled back up, as Meathead pulls the lever multiple times, dunking him back in and out. Pizza Face screams, and then sneezes out a blob of the contents. Cut to Pizza Face strapped to a table, with a funnel and tube plunged into his nose. Rocky is next to him, while Fingers and Meathead are on the other side, holding a pan with a pink fluid in it.]

Rocky: Now this cure is guaranteed! Two parts overflow from the slushie dispenser, one part sour milk with just a pinch of bug legs, you’ll be breathing easy in no time!

Pizza Face: (Moaning.) Please…

[Fingers and Meathead pour the concoction into the funnel, which spurts through Pizza Face’s nostril and out of his other one, turning him slightly pink. Cut to Meathead by himself.]

Meathead: Okay, how about this? We’ll just squeeze the snot out of ya!

[Pan out to Fingers and Rocky rolling Pizza Face up as he moans out.]

Rocky: Hey, yeah! Why didn’t we try this first?

[Meathead shrugs. Pizza Face is nearly rolled up as a splattering sound is heard. Pizza Face’s toppings, along with his eyes and mouth, splatter onto the glass near Meathead, as Pizza Face’s body rubs at his bare self in confusion, running off in terror. Cut to Ginger Dread Man and Stinky sitting on a recliner swing. Pizza Face’s body runs past them, as they react in shock.]

Stinky: (Gasping.) That pizza is totally bare! Have you no decency?! Put some sauce on, you perverted pepperoni!

[Cut to Rocky leading Pizza Face’s body back to the others, as Fingers attempts to peel off the toppings from the glass. It eventually peels off, landing back onto Pizza Face, with his mouth above his eyes.]

Rocky: Well, how ya feel?

Pizza Face: (Reorganizing his facial features.) Never better...

[Pizza Face sneezes, falling downwards into a tray of sprinkles. He lifts his head up, coated with sprinkles.]

Rocky: (Gasping.) He’s not better! He’s got…

Rocky and Meathead: SPRINKLE POX!

[Rocky and Meathead scream, as Rocky leaps into Meathead’s arms.]

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