[Start with Meathead and Rocky asleep on the hot buffet. Meathead is using a sausage and sauce packets for a bed, while Rocky is sleeping on a spatula. A pair of tongs is above him, with a kitchen timer attached to a pair of floss next to him. Meathead is snoring loudly. Zoom in on Rocky. The timer hits zero, and rings, groggily waking Rocky up. Pan up to the tongs, which jiggle and fall. Cut back to Rocky.]

Rocky: Huh…? WHOA!

[The tongs hit the end of the spatula, flipping Rocky into the air as he continues to scream. He lands in a pot of coffee, which he drinks in one slurp, and then burps.]

Rocky: I’m no good until I’ve had my morning pot of coffee!

[Cut to Rocky holding a spork and walking up to a can of cola.]

Rocky: Hey, Meathead! Time to get up!

[Rocky pierces and shakes the can of cola, which flies offscreen. Cut to Meathead opening his eyes, as the cola hits him in the face and rockets him off, while he screams. He hits the cash register, which opens up and launches him out, crashing into Rocky, who falls down. Meathead stays standing and yawns, stretching.]

Meathead: Morning, Rocky!

Rocky: (Jumping up.) Morning, Meathead! (Grabs a pair of skates with gum stuck to the soles.)

Meathead: Where’s Pizza Face? He’s the one who wanted to go skatin’!

[Meathead mimics a skating move. Cut to Pizza Face, who is laying face-down with a napkin over him. Rocky and Meathead approach him.]

Meathead: Rise and shine, ya grease gobbler!

Rocky: Yeah! Wakey-wakey, ya sloppy slice of lice!

[Rocky pulls the napkin off of Pizza Face. Cut to him rising up. His crust and cheese are green, his eyes are pink and bloodshot, and he is spitting out snot.]

Pizza Face: (Congested-sounding.) Uhh…okay, okay.

[Cut to Rocky and Meathead reacting in horror.]

Meathead: Eww! Gross!

Rocky: Sicko! Gnarly, dude!

Meathead: That is a really nasty cold. Nasty as in disgusting!

Rocky: You look like you sniffed up a jar of relish and mayo, swished it around in your head, and dribbled it back out your nose!

[Pizza Face stands up, sniffling. He farts.]

Pizza Face: I’m not sick. Ah-ah-ACHOO!

[Pizza Face hocks out a wad of snot, with a fish, coin, and wedge of cheese in it. Cut to Surge walking.]

Meathead: (Offscreen.) INCOMING!

[Surge looks in shock as the objects hit him, covering him with snot and causing him to jolt, as he falls of the counter. Cut back to Pizza Face, Rocky, and Meathead.]

Meathead: Maybe you oughta say in bed…

Pizza Face: (Moaning.) I told you, I’m fine! (Shoves tied-up tissues into his nostrils.) See? All better! Now let’s go grease skating!

[Pizza Face grabs his skates and starts to leap off, only to start walking very slowly and weakly, while Rocky and Meathead look at each other in concern. Cut to a greasy griddle near the hot buffet. Rocky is speed skating, Meathead is jumping, and Pizza Face is slowly toddling along. Cut to Rocky.]

Rocky: Check out my pussy pirouette!

[Rocky jumps, only to somersault on the ice and jump up, landing on his feet.]

Rocky: Ta-da! Top that, Meathead!

[Cut to Meathead.]

Meathead: Easy! Welcome to Splitsville!

[Meathead jumps up, doing the splits, only to land still splitting.]

Meathead: (Strained.) Oh, that’s stinging…

[Pizza Face coasts near Meathead, coughing. He ends up sneezing, losing his tissues, blasting Meathead away, and pushing him away a bit.]

Pizza Face: That’s nothing, check this out!

[Pizza Face starts recoiling for a sneeze. Cut to Rocky and Meathead near a pile of spaghetti and meatballs.]

Rocky: Oh-no! He’s gonna blow! (Grabs at the spaghetti.) Quick, shove these noodles up his noodle!

[Rocky and Meathead grab at the spaghetti and run towards Pizza Face, shoving the pasta in his mouth, bulging him out as he strains.]

Meathead: There! There no way you can sneeze now! Nope, no way at all!

[Pizza Face starts straining again. Cut to outside the Yucky Mart. Pizza Face is heard loudly sneezing, as slime covers the inside of the windows and bursts through the air vent. Cut back to the three. Rocky and Meathead are covered in snot, as is the camera.]

Pizza Face: Okay, I might be a teensy bit sick…

[Pizza Face falls backwards, moaning.]

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