Fungus Fridge is a rare Junk Yard Grossery from Series 3.




Fungus Fridge is a bloated fridge. His fridge door is bloated like a stomach. A sandwich, a wedge of cheese, and a chicken drumstick are stuck to him. His eyes are crossed and lidded, with puffed-up cheeks and a puckered mouth. There is slime on his mouth.


  • Fungus Fridge is similar to Feral Fridge, a Trashie from Series 3 of Trash Pack. He also resembles Frost T. Fridge, a Season 3 Shopkin.
  • His teal variant was erroneously replaced with Radio Wreck in the online catalog. This was fixed in the same night.



Junk Yard
Series 3
Hair Fryer / Rotten Rim / Ouch Couch / Barf Blender / Radio Wreck / Fungus Fridge

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