Filthy Fan is a special edition Glowin' Gadgets Grossery from Series 2.




The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's the filth covered fan that's leaking drool but won't leave you cool!

Likes: Humidity

Dislikes: Snow

May Contain Traces Of: Dust, metal, and flies!

Rarity: Special edition


Filthy Fan is a dirty table fan. He has muck-covered blades and has cracks on his base. He is frowning and dripping slime from his mouth, while his eyes are half-closed and inward-facing.


  • Filthy Fan shares a name and similar design with Filthy Fan, a Trashie from Series 4 of the Trash Pack. He also resembles Blow-Anne, a Season 3 Shopkin.




Glowin' Gadgets
Series 2
Shocking Light Bulb / Flat Battery / Sucky Speakers / Leaky Car Battery / MP Flea Player / Goo S.B. Stick / Filthy Fan / Smell Phone / Junk Jumper Lead / Trashed Tablet / Lame Laptop / Trashlight

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