Faked Beanz is a limited edition Trashed Cans Grossery from Series 1.




Faked Beanz is an opened can of baked beans with a green label. His label has a logo with slime-coated beans pierced by a fork that says "Faked Beanz". He is leaking bean juice from his top and has some around his mouth as well. His eyes are pointing outwards and a very thin tongue is sticking out of his mouth. He has a trail of ants crawling on his bottom side.

Collector Card

Faked Beanz's collector card is Card 115 in the series. His card is holographic. He is sitting in a pool of water that is bubbling as he strains, farting into it. He has the tagline of "Faked Beanz: Last Seen In Trash Cans" on the bottom.

He also appears in the second puzzle with the same image.


  • Faked Beanz is similar to Crud Can, a Trashie from Series 1 of the Trash Pack. He also resembles Bart Beans, a Season 2 Shopkin.
  • His design is a parody of Heinz baked beans cans. Versions of this can has used "beanz" as an alternate spelling as well.
  • He is the only Trashed Can that has the same static art as his catalog art, only with minimal color changes.
  • He is the rarest limited edition of Series 1, having only 100 released worldwide.
  • Possibly due to his rarity, he was not part of the Limited Edition Giveaway.
  • In the webseries, he is voiced by Doug Erholtz.







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