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Disgusting Mustard is a common Awful Sauces Grossery from Series 1.


From the Awful Sauces team, it's the moldy mustard that will make you disgusted!



Disgusting Mustard is a leaky and dirty bottle of mustard. His left eye is half open and he is sticking his tongue out.

Collector Card

Disgusting Mustard's collector card is Card 102 in the series. His card is a Heat 'N' Reveal card. He is being sliced in half in the center by a sword, while he reacts in shock. He has the tagline of "Disgusting Mustard" on the bottom.


  • Disgusting Mustard is somewhat similar to Yuck Ketchup, a Series 3 Trashie from the Trash Pack that was originally meant to be called Mouldy Mustard, though he still keeps a color scheme of mustard as one of his variants. He also resembles Cornell Mustard, a Season 2 Shopkin.
  • He is depicted with a green tongue in his static art, while his figures depict him with a pink tongue.
  • His catalog art displays his tongue coming from the right side of his mouth, while his figure has it coming out of the left.



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