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Crusty Chocolate Bar is a special edition Sticky Sweets Grossery from Series 1.



From the Sticky Sweets team, it's got a crusty taste that lasts after it comes up fast!


The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's got a crusty taste that lasts after it comes up fast!

Likes: Extreme sports

Dislikes: Melting

May Contain Traces Of: Mud, crusts, and Band-Aids!

Rarity: Special edition


Crusty Chocolate Bar is a slimy and melty wrapped chocolate bar with half of his wrapper peeled down. He has eyes pointing in different directions, a crazy grin on his face and a bite mark on his top left corner.

Collector Card

Crusty Chocolate Bar's collector card is Card 40 in the series. He is wearing a skydiving outfit with a plane above him. He is holding onto a broken parachute cord and screaming. He has the tagline of "Chocolate Drop!" on the bottom.

Card 111 is a Heat 'N' Reveal card with the same image.


  • Crusty Chocolate Bar is similar to Cheeky Chocolate, a season one Shopkin. The two even have the same color scheme in artwork.
  • His catalog images show the word "Grosseries" imprinted on his chocolate sections, though both his static art and his figure form lack this detail.
  • His exclusive variant is nearly similar to his blue variant, only with different finishes and slightly different shades of blue, along with silver details on his exclusive figure.
  • He is the only Sticky Sweet to not have a Sticker Card. Rather, he has a Heat 'N' Reveal card.
  • His prototype cartoon name was Nutty Choc.
  • His pink collector art image has a brighter color of pink on his cheeks, something his other pictures do not have.
  • His right eyelid is not properly layered on his collector art, showing a small speck of white from his eyeball.





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