Cruddy Cream is an ultra rare Sour Dairy Grossery from Series 2.




The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's the cream that got left behind.

Likes: Strawberries

Dislikes: Heat

May Contain Traces Of: Grit, lumps, and straw!

Rarity: Ultra rare


Cruddy Cream is a sour carton of cream with mud stains. His carton is bulging, with cream dripping down the top of it. He has a puckered, wrinkly mouth, and his squinting eyes are crusted over with cream.


  • Cruddy Cream heavily resembles Sour Milk, a Sour Dairy Grossery from Series 1.
  • He is one of two cream-based Grosseries from Series 2, the other being Snot Whipped Cream.
  • He and Smelly Onion appear on the bottom right corner of the Series 2 large packs.
  • Despite his static art, he does not come in a blue variant.



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