[Start with the can falling off of the shelf. Cut to Ricardo, Doc Broc, and Surge panicking.]

Doc Broc: Uh-oh! It’s the big one! CANNONBALL!

[Meathead rushes near Ricardo.]

Meathead: I hereby declare you captain again! (Puts the hat on Ricardo and gives him the sword.) Feel free to go down with the ship, bye! (Runs off, dropping the fake facial hair and eyepatch.]

Ricardo: (Dryly.) You are too kind.

[Cut to the can hitting the water, rocking the ship as all four scream. Cut to Doc Broc, flying in midair.]

Doc Broc: Not again!

[Doc Broc splashes into the water. Cut back to the ship. Ricardo, Surge, and Meathead breathe a sigh of relief. Cut to the shelf, where the knockback of the water causes a tidal wave that goes back towards the ship. Cut back to the ship, where Ricardo, Surge, and Meathead scream. The tidal wave hits the ship, capsizing it. Surge is now surfing on the capsized watermelon rind, which is floating on the wave.]

Surge: Ch-check out S-Surge Spin!

[Surge gets on his head and starts to spin on it. Pan out to Ricardo’s ship, which he is surfing on, as Meathead clings to it in fear.]

Ricardo: Hola, my dudes and dudettes! This hot banana is hanging ten!

[Cut to Meathead.]

Meathead: MOMMY!

[Pan out to both of the ships. Cut to Pizza Face running on the duct tape still and panting. He looks up.]

Pizza Face: Huh? Aw, come on!

[Pizza Face attempts to run faster, but the wave crashes down on him. Pan to underwater, where Pizza Face gurgles something in anger as he sinks down onto the floor. Next to him is a plug stopped up by hair, which he swims to, still gurgling. Ricardo’s ship lands on top of him. He wriggles himself out from under the ship and pulls out the hair clog, which sends the water spiraling down the drain, as Surge, Meathead, and Ricardo sink to the floor.]

Pizza Face: You want something done, call the thin crust with extra cheese!

Meathead: Whoo-whee! Epic wave, right guys?

[Pizza Face, Surge, and Ricardo angrily glare at Meathead. Meathead looks nervous as he traces his finger on the floor.]

Meathead: Guys? Heh, you’re not gonna hold all that pirate stuff against me, are ya? We were just…havin’ fun, right?

[Meathead nervously chuckles. Pan up to Ricardo, Surge, and Pizza Face still glaring at Meathead. The three of them then turn to each other and grin. Cut to the Yucky Mart’s bathroom, where a toilet brush handle is dangling on the rim of the seat. Meathead is on the side closest to the bowl, while Surge and Ricardo are near the edge. Both Surge and Ricardo are looking angry, while Meathead looks nervous.]

Surge: Having fun now M-M-Meathead? ‘Cause I’m getting a j-j-jolt out of this! (Sparks.)

Meathead: (Stammering.) Wait! I-it’s not my fault! This is all Ricardo’s idea!

Ricardo: My condolences, my foolish footlong friend. But we are powerless to deny the law of the Yucky Mart Sea. Buenas noches!

[Surge zaps at Meathead while he screams out, sending him to the very edge of the handle. Meathead looks down in defeat, plugs his nose, and jumps. Cut to Surge and Ricardo.]

Surge: S-see ya, matey! (Pulls the flush plunger.)

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