[Start with a shot of the flooded Yucky Mart, where a soda can, a tuna can, a bone, a sausage, and a dead cockroach float by. Pan up to the ship, where a popsicle stick is set up for a plank, with Pizza Face on the edge of it and Ricardo and Meathead closer to the ship, holding their makeshift swords.]

Meathead: Mutiny’s over, Pizza Breath! Now walk the plank! (Cackles.)

Ricardo: Your betrayal cuts me to my peel! But perhaps we are too harsh, eh, my new companion?

Pizza Face: Yeah, why don’t we talk about this over a slice? My treat?

Meathead: Let me think…nah! Sorry, matey! It’s the law of the Yucky Mart Sea!

[Ricardo and Meathead prod Pizza Face over the plank, as he splashes into the water, coughing. Fingers is swimming in the background again.]

Pizza Face: (Shaking his fist.) I will have revenge!

[Fingers swims behind Pizza Face and ducks down, as a roll of duct tape floats pass Pizza Face. Fingers swims past him.]

Pizza Face: Huh?

[Pizza Face grabs onto the duct tape as Fingers lurches behind him. Pizza Face runs in a spiral on the tape roll as Fingers tries to bite at him.]

Pizza Face: Shoo! Get away, Fingers! This pizza ain’t for nibblin’!

[Cut back to Ricardo and Meathead watching Pizza Face.]

Ricardo: That is what you get for messing with the masterful Capitán Ricardo! Right, First Mate Meathead?

Meathead: (Shattering Ricardo’s spork.) Actually, I only saved the ship so I could take over!

[Jumps up to the steering section and opens a chest, pulling out a cardboard pirate hat, teabag eyepatch, and stuffed hairnet mustache and beard, while cackling, and then growls.]

Meathead: As of now, this ship belongs to Meathead the Pirate! (Leaps towards Ricardo, threatening him with the sucker, cackling.) And you’re me squishy crew, Ricardo! Yarr!

[Cut to a Jolly Roger flag being hoisted on the mast.]

Meathead: (Offscreen.) Now, hoist the pirate flag!

Ricardo: (Offscreen.) Aye aye, oh brutish one!

[Cut to Ricardo swabbing the steering section with a cotton swab.]

Meathead: (Offscreen.) Swab the poopy deck!

[Cut to Ricardo holding onto one of the sails.]

Meathead: (Offscreen.) Hoist the snot sails!

[Ricardo sneezes into the sail. Meathead walks in.]

Meathead: Get me some refreshing juice! And it better not be kiwi!

[Ricardo runs off and runs back, holding Mucus Juice Box, who looks terrified. Meathead grabs Mucus Juice Box and drinks out of him.]

Meathead: Raspberry onion, my fave!

[Cut to the hull of the ship, where barnacles and Doc Broc cling to it.]

Meathead: (Offscreen.) Now scrape those barnacles off the hull.

[Ricardo pops up, prodding Doc Broc with his spork.]

Ricardo: I do not think that is a barnacle. It’s Doc Broc.

[Meathead pops up, still holding Mucus Juice Box.]

Meathead: Same diff, scrape him off, too!

[Ricardo scrapes Doc Broc off the ship, making him land in the water.]

Doc Broc: Oh, come on! Fine! There’s plenty of other ships in the sea!

[Doc Broc swims off. Cut back to Meathead, who’s holding a soda bottle.]

Meathead: That takes care of that.

[Meathead looks through the soda bottle. Through it, Doc Broc is seen swimming to Surge’s ship, made out of a watermelon rind.]

Meathead: (Screams.) Enemy ship! Full speed ahead, Ricardo!

[Cut to Meathead and Ricardo.]

Meathead: Prepare for battle! Yarr!

Ricardo: Aye, aye, my capitán. Arrr!

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