[Start with the sewage water spewing from the pipe, with Fingers falling from the water as well. Zoom into the water, as it forms into a flooded store. Pan up, where Egghead and Pizza Face are grabbing onto a milk carton like a raft. Fingers swims behind them like a shark.]

Egghead: (Panting.) We’ve…been lost at sea…for days!

Pizza Face: More like thirty seconds, but who’s counting?

[Cut to Fingers rising up from the water, nearing Egghead and Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: AAAH! Every food for himself!

[Fingers jumps onto the carton, snarling, as Pizza Face and Egghead scream. Egghead grabs onto Fingers and starts inflating him from his bottom, dropping him into the water, while Egghead and Pizza Face jump onto him and drift off.]

Pizza Face: Land ho!

[Pan to the side of a boat.]

Egghead: Land who?

[Fingers bumps the boat, launching Egghead and Pizza Face face first into the boat.]

Pizza Face: (Muffled.) Land here…

[Pan up to Ricardo.]

Ricardo: Hola, landlubbers! I am the renowned and oh-so-irresistible Capitán Ricardo! Welcome to my noble vessel, the S.S. Numero Dos!

Pizza Face: You call this soggy diaper a vessel?

Ricardo: But of course! Behold! (Pan out onto the remainder of the ship.) The sails are made from the finest snotty tissue! Now, my delectably fragrant seadogs, hoist the hairnet!

[Cut to Egghead and Pizza Face, both looking confused. Cut back to Ricardo.]

Ricardo: So sweet, yet so dumb. The big net over the side, drop it on the poop deck. Be quick about it!

[Cut to Pizza Face and Egghead pulling a hairnet off of the side of the boat and dropping it onto the deck. Inside includes a tissue box, a pushpin, and a PEZ dispenser that looks like the Moose Toys original logo. Cut to Pizza Face, Egghead, and Ricardo.]

Ricardo: You are wanting a ship?

[Pan to the ship, now decorated with the tissue box as a steering station, bunting, and the PEZ dispenser as a masthead.]

Ricardo: Well now, we have the greatest ship on the Yucky Mart Sea!

[Cut to Egghead near the hairnet.]

Egghead: Ooh! We got another bite!

[Pizza Face walks over to him.]

Pizza Face: Well, what are you waiting for? Reel ‘er in!

[Pizza Face and Egghead pull on the net, setting it on the deck. Meathead is inside the net.]

Meathead: (Sputters, then grows angry.) What too ya so long? I thought I’d never get rescued!

[Cut back to Egghead and Pizza Face.]

Egghead: Eww, its Meathead! Let’s throw him back!

[Egghead and Pizza Face pick up Meathead as he screams.]

Meathead: No! Lemme stay! I’ll sweet the poop deck! I’ll even poop first then sweep it!

[Cut to Ricardo, holding a spork.]

Ricardo: Unhand that sandwich! I, Capitán Ricardo, says that Meathead stays!

[Cut back to Pizza Face and Egghead.]

Pizza Face: Oh, yeah? Well, I say he goes! (Drops Meathead, pulls up a hairy sucker.) This tub needs a new captain! And my wood-fired crust and delicious four-cheese blend makes me the perfect choice!

[Pizza Face leaps towards Ricardo, as the two swordfight.]

Ricardo: So it’s mutiny! I will see you walk the plank for this, my foolish friend!

[The two leap back and continue to swordfight closer to the steering. Pizza Face knocks the spork out of Ricardo’s hands, as it plunges into the diaper, causing it to leak. Cut to Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: Oops!

[Pizza Face runs towards the leak as Egghead tries to bail it out with a sauce container.]

Pizza Face: My bad! (Starts bailing out as well.)

[Cut to Meathead and Ricardo, who is panicking.]

Meathead: All hands on deck! Start bailing! (Runs off.)

Ricardo: (Screams very high-pitched.) Plug that hole! I am too handsome to be waterlogged!

[Cut to Egghead and Pizza Face still bailing out the ship. Meathead runs in and grabs Egghead, plugging him into the hole, as he gurgles. Cut to Pizza Face, as the sucker and spork are raised up to his face. Cut to Meathead holding the sucker and Ricardo holding the spork, both grinning malevolently.]

Meathead: Now, where were we?

[Cut to Pizza Face, looking nervous.]

Pizza Face: Um…