[Start with Pizza Face leaning on the cash register. Egghead is walking past him.]

Pizza Face: Hey, Egghead! First one to the garbage gets a day of gooey relaxation at Say Cheese Splatter Spa!

[Pan to an overfilled garbage can. Cut back to Pizza Face and Egghead.]

Pizza Face: Whadya say?

Egghead: Uh… (Runs off.)

Pizza Face: Hey! You’re cheating! That’s my job!

[Cut to Egghead running and panting. He skids on a puddle, sending him flipping in the air for a distance.]

Egghead: Hah! (Grabs onto a broom handle and slides on it, starting to get closer to the floor.) Woo-hoo! I’m the king of the world!

[Cut back to Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: Did I forget to mention it’s the first one to cross the store…WITHOUT TOUCHING THE FLOOR?!

[Cut back to Egghead, still sliding downwards.]

Egghead: Huh? Whoa!

[The broom hits a magazine rack, which Egghead lands in, spiraling around on it as he screams. It eventually launches him out, landing him in the hot buffet, where the cockroaches are playing. Pizza Face runs past.]

Pizza Face: Ha-hah! You spew, you lose!

[Pizza Face grabs a French fry out of a passing container and pole vaults off the edge of the hot buffet.]

Pizza Face: Pizza Face pole vaults for the win!

[Cut to Rocky opening up a microwave, while Pizza Face crashes into the door.]

Rocky: Mmm! Burrito time! (Shoves burrito into his mouth whole. He burps and farts out flames at the same time.) SPICY!

Pizza Face: And stinky…

[Rocky closes the microwave, which Pizza Face is still stuck to, and walks off. Pizza Face slides off of the microwave as Rocky waves at the air. Cut to a side-turned bottle of mustard, which Egghead jumps on, creating a bridge, which he runs on.]

Egghead: (Laughing.) Back in the lead! Whoa! (Trips, tumbling on the mustard and landing on the shelf, scattering items.)

[Cut back to Pizza Face, who has unstuck himself from the microwave. Cut to the shelf, where Egghead and Pizza Face run neck and neck with each other. The two of them reach the edge of the shelf and skid to a stop, as the floor shakily zooms in and out.]

Pizza Face: That’s a long way down!

[Cut to Egghead attaching a piece of chewed gum to a string of floss. He swings it around and attaches it to an overhead pipe. Cut to him swinging on the floss.]

Egghead: Not when you’re in the swing of things!

[Cut to Egghead near the trash can, as his swing falters, leaving him a few feet away from the trash can.]

Egghead: Aww, man! I hate when this happens!

[Cut to Pizza Face attaching fly paper to his arms like wings.]

Pizza Face: Too bad, so sad! Gotta fly!

[Pizza Face jumps off the counter, flapping his arms and getting near the trash can. The air conditioner vent blows him backwards.]

Pizza Face: No! No!

[Pizza Face gets stuck to Egghead.]

Pizza Face: So, call it a draw?

[Egghead narrows his eyes. Cut to the pipe, which starts to shake and creak. Cut back to Egghead and Pizza Face, who breathe in relief. Cut back to the pipe, which breaks, sending a flood of green water out of it, as Fingers falls out of the pipe as well. Cut back to Pizza Face and Egghead screaming, as the water pours on top of them, knocking them down, while Fingers falls as well.]

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