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Corny Corn Dog is an ultra rare Gross Greasies Grossery from Series 2.




Corny Corn Dog is a lumpy, dirty corn dog. He has a stick coming out of the top of his head, with sauce dripping from the top of it as well. He has half-closed eyes, and his mouth is formed by a dripping zigzag of ketchup.


  • Corny Corn Dog's static art portrays him with corn kernels stuck in his batter, while his catalog art and figure simply portrays them as lumps.
  • A poster used on various Yucky Mart promotional art for Series 2 calls him Crusty Corn Dog, possibly a prototype name.



Gross Greasies
Series 1
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Series 2
Stale Sandwich / Gooey Nachos / Grub Sub / Nasty Nuggets / Corny Corn Dog / Moldy Meatball / Toxic Taco

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