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The Clean Team are one of the categories of Grosseries from The Grossery Gang. They are the ultra rare team of Series 3. These characters are based on various cleaning supplies. Unlike the other Grosseries, they are evil characters, aimed in cleaning up Cheap Town. They have a Shiny finish and are made out of a solid plastic, instead of the traditional rubber.


Series 3



  • As seen in the movie, they appear to be robots lead by Vac Attack. Asides from Vac Attack, they have wheels and pincer hands instead of standard Grossery hands and feet. A few of them are cloned, having multiple versions in use at the same time.


Series 1
Gross Greasies / Sour Dairy / Half Baked Bakery / Badly Frozen / Awful Sauces / Scummy Sodas / Barf-Room Supplies / Stinky Snacks / Moldy Veg / Sticky Sweets / Trashed Cans
Series 2
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Series 3
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Clean Team
Series 3
Washout / Mop Top / Clean Screen / Bin It / Filth Buster / Wipe Over / Bad Bleacher / Disinfector / Dust-Up / Scrubber / Polish Off / Dirt Bot
Vac Attack / Wash Out