Busted Eggs is a rare Gooey Breakfasts Grossery from Series 2.




Busted Eggs is a carton of broken eggs. His mouth is formed by an open section of the carton, which is leaking egg yolks and eggshells. He has slime dripping from the top of his carton, and his eyes are also crusted over with slime.


  • Busted Eggs is similar to Cracked-Up Carton, a Trashie from Series 5 of the Trash Pack.
  • His static art and catalog art portrays him with slime on his eyelids, which his figure does not have.




Gooey Breakfasts
Series 2
Rancid Raisin Toast / Pukey Pancake Mix / Busted Eggs / Soggy Teabag / Muck Muffin / Horrible Hash Brown / Slop Tart / Weevil Cereal / Peanut Splutter / Scummy Honey

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