Blue Spew Cheese is a rare Sour Dairy Grossery from Series 2.





The Yoda of the Yucky Mart, Blue Spew Cheese has been around telling tales longer than that mystery box at the back of your freezer!


Always willing to offer words of wisdom – whether you want them or not – Blue Spew spends his days wallowing in noxious nostalgia, telling tales of toxic tomfoolery that may or may not have actually happened.


Blue Spew Cheese is a moldy wedge of blue cheese. He is filled with holes and his mouth is formed by stringy holes in his cheese.

In the webseries, he wears a pair of half-moon glasses and the strings of cheese in his mouth are changed into slime strings. He lacks the glasses in the episode intros, though.


  • Blue Spew Cheese resembles, and shares a similar name with, Spew Blue Cheese, a Trashie from Series 5 of the Trash Pack.
  • He is also similar to the Grosseries Stinky Cheese from Series 1, and Pongy Parmesan from Series 2.
  • In reality, blue cheese is not actually blue per se, but rather, it got its name from the blue specks of cultured Penicillium mold added to them.
  • Despite being introduced in the Series 2 intro for the webseries, it took him until Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous (Part 3) to appear in the series proper, where his name was not given.
  • In the webseries, his name is Stinky. His name was revealed in Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous (Part 5). He is voiced by Spike Spencer.
  • He has been around since the Yucky Mart was opened in the past. He used to be rich when he was younger, and had a girlfriend, but was betrayed by his former best friend, causing him to lose it all.
    • When he was younger, he wore a bow tie and white gloves, and had pie-shaped pupils, hearkening back to cartoons of the 1930s.
  • His sloping-down side has the tendency to flip sides through various media.







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