The Badly Frozen team is one of the categories of Grosseries from The Grossery Gang. These characters are based on gone-off frozen food products, such as ice cream and frozen pizza.


Series 1


  • Each member of the team comes in two specific color schemes: a blue "frozen" one, and a standard "thawed" one.
  • This is the only team from Series 1 and in Grossery Gang history to have only rare Grosseries in it.

Series 1
Gross Greasies / Sour Dairy / Half Baked Bakery / Badly Frozen / Awful Sauces / Scummy Sodas / Barf-Room Supplies / Stinky Snacks / Moldy Veg / Sticky Sweets / Trashed Cans
Series 2
Gooey Breakfasts / Sour Dairy / Barf-Room Supplies / Gross Greasies / Untasty Treats / Fungus Fruits / Awful Sauces / Scummy Sodas / Glowin' Gadgets / Cruddy Lost 'N' Found
Series 3
Trash Alley / Fish Market / Vile Vermin / World Food / Cruddy Sport / Gross Greasies / Junk Yard / Barf-Room Supplies / Stinky Snacks / Clean Team / Gunky Gas Station
Badly Frozen
Series 1
Ice Scream / Unfrozen Pizza / Frozen Foul / Yuck TV Dinner

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