Bad Beef Can is a limited edition Trashed Cans Grossery from Series 1.




Bad Beef Can is a can of boiled beef with his name on his label, along with a slimy chunk of rare roast beef. He has a green tongue that is dripping with beef juice, which is sticking out of his mouth. He is somewhat smudged with oils and he has a trail of ants crawling in formation on his left side.

Collector Card

Bad Beef Can's collector card is Card 113 in the series. His card is holographic. He is tied up to a stake with a fire underneath it as he reacts in fear. The stake has a faded sign that says "Slap some beef on the barbie!" on it. He has the tagline of "Bad Beef Can: Last Seen In Trash Cans" on the bottom.

He also appears in the second puzzle with the same image.


  • There are only 10,000 of him released worldwide.
  • His catalog art shows "Boiled Beef" in white font on his label instead of his name.




Trashed Cans
Series 1
Bad Beef Can / Slimy Sardines / Cruddy Cat Food / Sloppy Soup Tin / Tinned Slimeapple / Faked Beanz

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