[Start with Egghead falling into the slushie liquid.]

Egghead: (Still with Received Pronunciation accent.) HELP! SOMEONE SAVE ME!

[Cut to Rocky and Doc Broc.]

Rocky: Relax, Big E! It’s just slushie! It’ll be cool and refreshing!

[Cut to Egghead, he bounces off of the cheese wedge floating in the slushie liquid, bouncing up in the air and landing in the hot dog rollers, where he spirals around and starts to smoke. Cut back to Rocky.]

Rocky: Ooh…or not?

[Cut back to Egghead.]

Egghead: Yeowch! Great Humpty’s Yolk! I’m fricasseeing! (Yelps in pain.)

[Cut to Sparkles and Pizza Face.]

Sparkles: Oh my gosh!

Pizza Face: I know! He even screams in fancy words!

[Cut back to Egghead.]

Egghead: Bejabbers and thunderation!

[Cut to Rocky and Doc Broc.]

Rocky: I this! Yeah!

[Rocky leaps into the air, screaming. He lands in the rollers as well, smoking.]

Rocky: Yeow! Hot, hot, oh, hot! (Yelps in pain.)

[Cut to Sparkles and Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: Long on a rise, bit short on aim. Come on!

[Sparkles and Pizza Face rush to the slushie machine, pushing it.]

Sparkles: We’ll save you guys!

[The slushie machine topples over, splattering the liquid onto the rollers, which shocks Rocky and Egghead. Cut to Sparkles and Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: I thought pouring liquid on an electrical appliance would save them!

[Cut to Doc Broc.]

Doc Broc: Oh, good grief! Has no one ever heard of an off switch? Geronimo!

[Doc Broc swings on his gum swing, landing on the off switch of the hot dog machine. Sparkles rushes to the hot dog machine.]

Sparkles: You’re back alive!

[Pan out to all five of them, the hot dog machine is stopped. Rocky is sitting on the hot dog machine and Egghead is getting off of it.]

Egghead: (No accent.) Yeah, that roller-thingy blew!

Pizza Face: Egghead, did you just say “blew”?

Egghead: So?

Pizza Face: You used a one syllable word! You’re dumb again!

Egghead: Awesome! What’s a “syllable”?

[Rocky, Pizza Face, Sparkles, and Doc Broc cheer.]

Sparkles: And you don’t want to shut down the Yucky Mart anymore?

Egghead: Shut it down? I’d never want to shut down my yummy, smelly, gooey, hairy, house of moldy fun! Did I say hairy?

[Rocky, Pizza Face, Sparkles, and Doc Broc cheer again.]

Pizza Face: We love you, man! Just the idiotic way you are!

Egghead: Really? Aww, come here, big guy!

[Egghead lifts his arms open for a hug, turning the switch of the hot dog machine on. Pan to Rocky getting shocked by the machine, writhing in pain. Cut back to Egghead.]

Egghead: Oopsie! (Turns switch back off.)

Sparkles: Rocky, are you okay?

[Cut to Rocky.]

Rocky: (With a haughty accent.) Rocky? Well, who’s that? And who are all of you?

[Cut to Egghead.]

Egghead: Who are we? We’re you’re best friends in the world!

[Cut to Rocky.]

Rocky: Oh, really? Well, I swear I’ve never seen you before in my life! Or my name isn’t Katy Hairy!

[Scene starts to pan out as Egghead, Doc Broc, Pizza Face, and Sparkles look at Rocky with confusion and concern.]

Rocky: (Singing very off-key.) ♪Whoa, whoa-oh-oh! You are the only one for meeeee!♪

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