[Start with Egghead running, still holding the letter.]

Egghead: (Yelps, still with Received Pronunciation accent.) Cease your pursuit! I’m not your enemy! This store is!

[Cut to Rocky and Pizza Face sliding down the salsa slide, looking angry.]

Rocky: No one insults Yucky Mart! This place is paradise!

[The two of them slide off of a cheese wedge ramp, flying in midair and screaming in rage. Cut to Egghead screaming in fear, still running. Pizza Face and Rocky latch onto Egghead, tripping him up as the letter flies out of his hands and lands on the ground.]

Egghead: My letter!

[Pizza Face grabs the letter and tears it up, while Egghead walks up to him, unimpressed.]

Pizza Face: Ha! I tore it up! In your face! Yucky Mart’ll stay for all time!

Egghead: You realize I can simply write another one?

Pizza Face: Oh. Well, crud!

Egghead: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another letter to write. With at least 60 more violations to report!

[A rat falls from the ceiling into a container.]

Egghead: Hm. 61.

[Egghead starts to walk off, as Rocky approaches him.]

Rocky: Buddy, pal, you really want all your friends kicked out on the street?

Egghead: Well, I’ve never been out there, but I can only assume that the street is safer and less disgusting. So, yes. I’m only helping you, Rocky. My newfound intelligence has shown me the way.

Rocky: Huh, what makes you think you’re so smart? We’ve already got a super-genius, Doc Broc!

[Pan to Doc Broc, pulling a filthy peppermint stick out of his ear.]

Doc Broc: That’s where I left that peppermint stick! (Sticks it in his mouth.)

[Pan to Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: Of course! Doc Broc! Egghead, I’ll make a deal with you. You prove that you’re smarter than Doc Broc, and you can do whatever you want! But, he proves smarter than you, you promise to quit this letter stuff for good!

Egghead: Agreed. But how do we determine which of us is smarter?

Pizza Face: Well, naturally, by the most civilized scientific way possible!

Egghead: What’s that?

Rocky and Pizza Face: Slushie dunking contest!

[Cut to Rocky and Pizza Face carrying Egghead off.]

Egghead: (Screaming.) No!

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