[Start with Pizza Face standing on top of a counter. Cut back to the ground, where Rocky is standing on an inflated juice box, which Pizza Face is right above.]

Pizza Face: Ready, Rocky?

[Cut to Rocky.]

Rocky: Let’s do this!

[Cut back to Pizza Face, who jumps off the counter and onto the other end of the juice box.]

Pizza Face: BONZAI!

[Rocky launches in the air. Cut to Rocky in midair, cheering. Cut to Egghead watching.]

Egghead: Whoa!

[Cut to a stack of tuna cans. Rocky crashes through them. Cut to the floor of the Yucky Mart, where a wave washes through, as Pizza Face rides on it with a popsicle stick.]

Pizza Face: Tunabunga!

[Clattering noises are heard. Pan to Doc Broc writing in a notebook.]

Doc Broc: Whoa! Counting the one, multiplied by the tuna’s expiration date, (Reaches offscreen, grabbing Pizza Face and Sparkles’ hands to count on.) you get…

[Cut to Rocky eagerly looking at Doc Broc, still sitting in the tuna can pile.]

Doc Broc: …Twenty points! New store record!

[Cut to Rocky, getting out of the tuna can pile, looking triumphant.]

Rocky: I am the greatest fried dessert that ever lived! And the only!

[Cut to Pizza Face high-fiving Sparkles. Pan back to the five.]

Egghead: Ooh! Me next! (Starts running.) I’m gonna set a record for—(Slips in a puddle, landing down on his face.)

[Cut back to the other four.]

Pizza Face: Uh, falling on your face?

[Cut back to Egghead, who turns around, revealing a green smudge on his face.]

Egghead: Huh? (Chuckles nervously.) No, what I meant was… (Sniffs.) Hey, what’s that smell?

[Cut to the other four, grinning and holding in laughter. Cut back to Egghead.]

Egghead: Eww! It’s me! Rag! Need a rag! (Grabs something on the ground and sticks it to him, it’s a piece of paper with a red F on it.) What’s going on?

[Cut to Doc Broc.]

Doc Broc: Oh! That’s the store’s health department sticker. (Holds up a rag.) This is the rag.

Egghead: (Running in.) Who turned out the lights?! (Runs towards a counter edge.) I’ll find you! No one turns off Egghead’s—

[Egghead runs into the counter, breaking the sticker. Cut to the top of the counter, where a bottle and an overturned container of gumballs sit and are jostled. Three gumballs fall out. Cut to Egghead, who reacts in pain as each one hits him. Cut back to the countertop, where the bottle rocks and falls off. Cut back to Egghead, who is in a daze. The bottle breaks over him. Cut back to the other four, who laugh at Egghead. Cut out to Egghead, who is still in a daze.]

Egghead: W-w-what’s going on? (Stumbles around, and then topples over, rolling away.)

Pizza Face: (Laughs for a long while, then composes himself.) Sorry, Egghead, but you gotta admit, that was hilarious! (He and the others look around, as it starts to dawn on them that Egghead isn’t there.) Egghead?

Doc Broc: Where did he go?

Pizza Face: Egghead? Egghead? …Egghead?

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